About Us

OLERMET Service has its office and workshops in Kharkov, Ukraine. Kharkov was one of the major centres for large-scale and military industries in the USSR. After the recession of the 90-s, caused by the fall of the former political system, Kharkov has again been experiencing its commercial and industrial growth. Current political events do not influence the economy that much as most of the enterprises are now private and operate more flexibly and efficiently.

Kharkov is a concentration point for training qualified engineers and workers for heavy industry. Here we have a huge potential as per highly professional metalwork worforce. The taxes in Ukraine are also lower. All that helps minimize cost of metalwork keeping the quality high.

As we are situated in Europe it takes around a week to deliver a product to a city in Europe and the delivery cost is quite affordable too.

We at OLERMET Service have made a commitment to produce metal products exactly to the customer’s drawings/specifications and meet the agreed deadline.