The ‘Olermet Service’ company has an extensive experience in manufacturing of welded metal structures of any complexity and configuration. We will help you bring all your ideas and projects to life. Our products are manufactured according to your drawings. When it comes to sketching metal products for construction, commercial equipment, all kinds of racks, enclosures, frames, frames, metal boxes, and anything, no other company matches Olermet’s reliability, quality and responsiveness.

Our industrial park is equipped with advanced equipment to perform these types of operations

The process of creating steel structures is time consuming, though outwardly looks very simple. Key operations include metal creation, preparation and processing of metal, welding and assembly of structures, priming and painting the surface of products, shipping products.

Welding of metal is the most important operation which provides fracture strength to the structure, reliability and safety. Before processing welders prepare the surface of parts to engagement. Then they determine the best way of welding. Welding of structures is based on semi-automatic and argon arc welding.

MIG welding is a basic and most common fusion welding technology ensuring high quality welds any sheet metal. The “Olermet Service” welders create incredibly strong and durable structures using this technology.

The common method of metal products engagement is arc welding. This method provides high welding strength of the welding seam. Arc welding is used to join parts of thickness exceeding 1.5 mm making large metal structures.

The highest quality welding is argon welding. It relates to electric arc welding, which differs from previous types of welding because it occurs in an argon gas environment. Argon welding allows joining firmlyboth large structures of great thickness and small metal products.

Anything that can be created of sheet metal by welding can be easily performed by our high skilled workers.

The ‘Olermet Service’ welders are professionals with extensive experience.