One of the areas of production of our company is manufacturing of parts on turning machines. We accept individual and custom orders for turning operations on metal. Produce any turned parts according to drawings, samples and sketches of the customer.


We make the treatment of bearing, tool material, carbon steels, aluminum alloys, non-ferrous metals (bronze, brass) and other materials

Our company “Olermet Service” has an industrial park of machine equipment, through which is possible to perform the following types of turning operations:

  • Making the details of rotation of different complexity and configuration (bushings, shafts, rings, couplings, fittings, housings, wheels, axles, finger, flan particles);
  • Turning any cylindrical, spherical, conical shaped (cur, inner and outer surfaces of the parts ;
  • Internal and Exterior thread is applied to the surface;
  • Perform reaming, drilling and deployment of holes up to 300 mm in diameter;
  • Treating of workpieces and parts of the calibrated rod;
  • Grinding out collars and grooves;
  • Radial turning;
  • Beveling;
  • Back work and manufacturing of engaging steps.

The variety of cutting tools are used to perform the above work: cutters, countersink drill bits, die heads, taps, reamers and dies.

An important parameter of quality items after turning operations is the purity and accuracy of processing. According these parameters is carried out finishing, roughing or fine processing products. We promote accuracy of shearing parts 0,006, surface finishing from 2,5.

Availability of qualified personnel and quality equipment can perform lathe work on the order of any degree of complexity and accuracy at a high level. Our experts will make the details desired shape, good quality and appearance.

We manufacture both batch workpieces and single parts from metal

Time and cost of manufacturing of the order depend on the complexity of the work and is determined only after consideration in order by our specialists.

Milling Work

The company “Olermet Service” provides professional services of milling metal items according to customer drawings, sketches or samples of parts of. The company provides as separate milling operations as manufacture parts entirely on milling machines.

All milling works provide on modern machines with numerical control (CNC), allowing to process and fabricate metal products at a high level. Milling machines allow you to get the item of any form with the required level of accuracy and quality class.

The company carries out the following types of milling works:

  • End milling (grooves, undercuts, etc.);
  • Face milling (processing of parts with a small surface to be treated);
  • Form milling;
  • Shoulder milling;
  • Milling vertical surfaces;
  • Milling horizontal surfaces;
  • Milling revolution surface, etc.

Millers machine parts of various configurations of all types of structural steel, non-ferrous alloys, copper, bronze and aluminum. In the process of cutting metal working are different types of cutters, drills, special tools for custom milling surfaces and corners, allowing produce high-quality item with good appearance.

Qualified employees and production facilities allow performing milling operations at a high level and in time.
The company carries out multi-stage quality control of the products.

The cost of milling operations depends on the structural complexity of manufactured products, the amount of production and its subsequent processing. “Olermet Service” produces large batches of parts and small-batch production.

We accept orders from Russia, CIS and Europe.