The “Olermet Service”company provides heat treatment services of steel products for various purposes.

Heat treatment is thermal manufacture of metal products, which generate changes in the physical and mechanical properties of metal without changing its chemical composition.

Heat treatment of parts used for:

  • High mechanical strength and durability of the product;
  • Improve machinability and ductility of the metal;
  • Reduce the hardness and brittleness of parts.

Production sites are equipped to perform the following heat treatment process steps:

  • Chilling ( up to 1100 ° C) is carried out by heating the product above the critical point, holding it at this temperature and rapid cooling in the liquid medium. The coolant may be either water or oil.
  • The process of heating is very slow because the details cannot be distorted and cannot lose their strength properties.
  • After quenching products become solid, durable and wear-resistant.
  • The joke is carried out by uniform heating of the metal, followed by slow cooling. It eliminates partially or completely irregularities which were formed in the preceding operations (welding, machining, etc.); decrease hardness and improve the structure of the steel.
  • Tempering (normalization) is the kind of metal treatment used to obtain the desired mechanical properties, alignment structures, increasing the viscosity and strength of the metal.

Oven dimensions allow manufacturing, products length up to 600 mm, width up to 300 mm and weight up to 30 kg. Every product is tested for hardness after heat treatment.

Qualified staff enables us to provide quality services at a heat treatment details