The ‘Olermet Service’company offers quality service of bending, shearing, and sheet metal cutting.
We provide customized solutions as our specialists will make orders exactly according to the drawing, specification and client’s sketch.

Shearing and Metal Cutting

Sheet metal cutting is the process of sheet separation on different parts or receiving parts of a defined shape.

In our company sheet metal shearing and cutting is carried out with special guillotine shears that produce precise and accurate cut metal without dents, scores and burrs. Also, they do not damage polymer coating or painting metal. We should note that this treatment method of metal is the fastest, the most reliable and efficient.

Metal equipment allows us to carry out high quality shearing and cutting of sheet metal thickness up to 14 mm and width up to 3,000 mm. Sheet metal cutting can be performed both transversely and longitudinally.

Metal Bending

Sheet metal bending is a cold stamping operation, as a result of which the preform alters the shape and size by narrowing the inner layers of the metal and stretching outer layers. Thanks to this operation it is possible to obtain different parts in various shape and size. The main advantage is the complete absence of bending in the manufacturing process of welding that makes the design robust and reliable.

Metal bending is performed on a hydraulic bending press, which allows obtaining products of any complexity, thickness and configuration. The equipment may produce all kinds of channels, angles, metal cases, trays, racks etc.

Our equipment allows bending of sheet metal thickness up to 14 mm and width – up to 3,000 mm, the bend angle range of – 90 °.

Our professionals do bending, shearing, and cutting of sheet metal quickly and with maximum precision